On-the-Job Training

OJT is a simple program designed to fill vacant positions in a cost-effective way.

Here is how it works:

A company places a job order through the Kentucky Career Center and the local Business Services Team will locate an applicant who meets the criteria and is ready to work. Career Center staff will then determine if the applicant is eligible for an OJT. If so, the Business Services Team works with the company to develop a training plan.

Once the training is complete a company can be reimbursed a portion of the new employee’s salary to cover the company’s training costs. The employer will be paid between 50% and 90% of an employees wages (based on total number of employees). Payment will be made after the training is complete and is contingent upon the trainee’s continued employment in a job expected to provide thirty (30) or more hours of work each week. Payment may be requested on the day training is complete. Training may be between 4 and 24 weeks.

At the end of the training period, the company gets a skilled employee - trained the right way - and a portion of the salary reimbursed.

Business Services - On-the-Job Training Program from BGWIB on Vimeo.