ACCESS - Soft Skills Training for Candidates

What is ACCESS? The Academy for Continuing Careers, Employment & Soft Skills (ACCESS) was developed by the Kentucky Career Center - Bluegrass in collaboration with local employers to bridge the soft skills gap between what job seekers know about the world of work and what employers expect of their future employees. The program is an intensive week-long, free training for job seekers seriously interested in securing a career and succeeding in that career.

Why use ACCESS for my company? For some time, employers have told the staff of the Kentucky Career Center – Bluegrass that candidates can be trained to do the job, but they don't have time to teach those candidates the soft skills required to succeed in the job. ACCESS does that!

How does ACCESS work? The program is broken down into three parts: Finding the Job, Getting the Job, and Keeping the Job. 1) ACCESS starts with educating the job seeker on how to find a job that will be a good fit, recognizing their own transferrable skills, and matching them with a position inside a company that will benefit both. 2) The program then steps to honing their interviewing skills in a way that would allow them to answer interview questions in a confident manner, permitting the employer to better gage the job seeker’s abilities and likely success. 3) Finally, the training focuses on identifying key things that make an employee successful, addressing the importance of time management, positive communication skills, and taking initiative.

Throughout the week, candidates are scored on their ability to show up for class on time and their level of participation, dedication, and attitude. On Thursday, applicants begin to put their skills into practice with mock interviewing, as well as measuring their practical skills by taking the WorkKeys (NCRC) assessment. By Friday, job seekers are ready to interview with your company. They are armed with an updated professional resume, newly developed soft skills, and an ACCESS Rubic with WorkKeys scores to give the employer an idea of how well this potential new employee could perform.

Is there a cost of providing the ACCESS training to potential candidates? No! This service is free to both the employer and the job seeker. It is another of the many services offered by the Kentucky Career Center - Bluegrass.

How can I learn more about ACCESS and the services of the Kentucky Career Center - Bluegrass? You can learn more about ACCESS and other Kentucky Career Center - Bluegrass services by visiting a Kentucky Career Center - Bluegrass location or by contacting the Business Services Manager.