Youth Services

What is Career Track?

Career Track is a program designed to help individuals 18-24 years old that wish to improve their quality of life. It focuses on serving low income youth with multiple barriers in order to gain employment.

How does Career Track work?

Youth will earn career readiness skills through six workshops. Workshops will be offered two days per week for two hours per day over a three week period. Each individual will need to have reliable transportation, to attend the workshops and the work experience.

Workshops Include:

Resume/ Work Search
A strong resume gives you an opportunity to get a foot in the door. This series will provide tips and assistance on building a strong resume. The workshop on work searching is designed to help participants learn different ways to complete a job search. After this workshop, participants will know the various ways to expand their knowledge of potential employers and positions of interest.

Job Applications/Communication
This workshop is to help participants learn how to effectively complete job applications. The communication workshop will teach participants proper email, social media, and phone etiquette for employment. The workshop will also touch upon networking to secure that next job.

Dressing for Success /Preparing for the Interview
Dressing for Success is essential for making a good first impression on an employer. This workshop will prepare individuals on how to dress for the interview. The Preparing for the Interview Workshop will educate participants on common interview questions and proper interview etiquette.

Applying for Jobs
In this workshop, participants will receive assistance with applying for selected jobs. Participants will receive assistance with filling out paper applications for jobs of interest along with applying for positions online with selected companies.

Financial Literacy
In this series we will discuss topics of interest regarding finances, budgeting, bank accounts, and credit.

Mock Interview
At this workshop, participants will complete a one-on-one interview with professionals. Participants will be filmed and critiqued on their interview.

Visit one of our Kentucky Career Centers to meet with a Career Track Coordinator and start your track to a career!