Bluegrass Workforce Investment Board

The Bluegrass Workforce Investment Board

The Workforce Board plans, oversees, and evaluates workforce service delivery in its community. A major role of the board is strategic planning to meet the employment and training needs of local businesses and industries. The wide variety of organizations represented on each board ensures input from experts throughout the community. Through oversight and evaluation, the board ensures that their strategic and operational plans are implemented.

Workforce boards assume critical leadership roles in the local workforce system. The Board builds links between workforce and economic development related activities. It convenes industry-specific groups and general business organizations to identify occupational skill needs and discuss basic employment skill requirements in order to supply a quality workforce. The Board forms strategic alliances, negotiate relationships and broker resources and identifies training service providers and require that they meet industry standards, based on employer needs, as well as, ensures that training meets business and labor market needs. As a way of meeting these goals the BGWIB provides a number of employer related services to employers in the area. Visit our Employer Services page to find out more.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Bluegrass Workforce Investment Board: "To develop proactive workforce partnerships: 'Connecting employers with employees.'"

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